Saturday, 27 August 2016

My GCSE Results

I'll be honest and say that over the course of the summer, I haven't posted with the regularity that had initially been intended. I've genuinely just been busy - whether it be with NCS or a family holiday; as well as otherwise feeling a bit burnt out after the hectic - and notably irksome - academic year.

A considerable amount of time throughout the holidays was almost inevitably invested in fretting over the ever looming GCSE results day - with August 25th having been a date imprinted boldly within my mind as early as around this time last year. 

Of course I'd naturally anticipated disappointment - I've never been of the confident sort, if I'm honest. I demonstrated particular concern following my first maths exam; within which I experienced a coughing fit, a panic attack and, to put the cherry on the cake furthermore, an inability to answer the vast majority of the questions with any remote bit of confidence. Still, I was found to have more hope than Lennie at the end of Of Mice and Men - passing all of them, somehow. 

  • Maths - A
  • English Language - A*
  • English Literature - A*
  • Food Technology - A*
  • French - A*
  • History - A*
  • Geography - A*
  • Core Science - A
  • Additional Science - A 
  • Religious Studies - A*
  • ECDL ICT - Dist.*

So that's 7A*, 3As and 1D* (providing that my maths GCSE has crept up to haunt me through inaccuracy) - not enough to get a scholarship but not bad nevertheless, I feel. 

And I know many people did better than me, but I personally honestly couldn't be happier with my results. I put everything I could to achieve them - and I did fulfil my dream of straight As (mind, that doesn't mean to say history will repeat itself next year). The results have also had some kind of miracle effect upon me - in making me feel more motivated to do half decently at college too. 

And you should be really proud of yourself - no matter what you achieved - providing that you've put everything you could into the exams, as that is all anyone can ever ask of you.

Seen as though revision has been my life for about a year - I would love to write in greater depth about my revision tips, techniques and all the boring but potentially useful stuff that I'm capable of writing about at length. 

Did you receive any exam results recently? Do let me know how you got on!



  1. Congrats! You obviously studied hard and put in your all. I'm American, so this year I have to take the SATS, which are (sort of) like GCSEs. Not looking forward to it.

    Ella ★ Simply Scribbles

  2. Congratulations on your scores!