Monday, 27 June 2016


On Thursday 30th June, I will do something I've never done before - stay away from home for multiple nights; without any relatives. 

Why - as an awkward person as myself - am I putting myself through this? Well, in case you hadn't already assumed from this post's title, I hope to participate within the National Citizen Service.

NCS is a government-funded programme is designed to equip young people - aged 16 to 18 - with skills which will assist them in living independently and contributing more to their local community; whilst growing as an individual through confidence. In signing up, I felt that each of those factors would most likely make a beneficial impact upon my life. Furthermore, I'm yet to hear a negative review.

The first week entails traveling to an activity centre in Scotland - staying there for four nights. I suppose this element is designed to break the ice amongst a group of people you've never met - whilst enabling you to challenge yourself through participation in activities which you've never done prior. Who knows - perhaps I'll manage to overcome my fear of heights?

On a side note, I probably won't; but it's nice to be optimistic. 

We will meet again on the 7th of July for a stay of similar structure; except we shall be staying in university accommodation closer to home. The aim there is to manage oneself with relative independence; in cooking and cleaning. During the daytime, we will be strengthening expertise in a particular skill - with the one I chose being enterprise, as far as I'm aware - which I currently know nothing of but hey-ho!

Weeks three and four aren't residential; but, rather, involve the group meeting daily to respectively plan and carry out a project which will aid our local community. As far as I'm aware, we will - as groups - seek the funding of local companies to carry out such projects for charities close to home. 

I'd like to think that it's a productive way of spending a large proportion of the summer holidays. My aim is to give you weekly updates on how things are. 

Are you participating in an NCS programme or anything similar?


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  1. I'm not really doing anything like that this summer, but I am going to a music camp which I'm really, really excited for! I really hope you have a good time at your NCS and that you learn some valuable, transferable skills! Good luck, Kate!